The Goliath Corporation is a company that helped England rebuild itself after a war, but then kept on 'helping' it even when it could support itself. They claimed to manufacture everything from cots to coffins. Many people thought they were not as benevolent as they claimed to be, particularly Thursday Next.

Their employees included Jack Schitt and his half-brother Brik Schitt-Hawse. After Thursday trapped Jack Schitt in The Raven, Goliath had her husband Landen Parke-Laine eradicated.

Thursday fought against them in several of the books.

In Something Rotten, they managed were nearly bankrupted by St Zvlkx's seventh Revealment, which turned out to actually be a betting slip, coming true.

However, they were back to normal by the time of First Among Sequels, due to being helped out by SpecOps-12.


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