Mrs Nakijima was the first bookjumper that Thursday Next met. She helped Thursday get into Jane Eyre at Haworth House when Thursday was eight. She hoped that Thursday would find her way into books by herself, but she didn't.

They met again nearly 30 years later, when Thursday was again in Jane Eyre trying to apprehend Acheron Hades and Mrs Nakijima was showing a tourist, Mr Suzuki around the book. Thursday persuaded them to leave so that Hades couldn't use them to leave the book.

Mrs Nakijima then got a fictional lawyer to interrupt the wedding of Landen Parke-Laine and Daisy Mutlar, so that Thursday would be able to marry Landen.

They didn't meet again, as Mrs Nakijima took retirement inside Jane Eyre, but Thursday visited her home in Osaka, where she found a travel book that allowed her to get into the Great Library and Jurisfiction.