SpecOps building

SpecOps, the Special Operations Network, handles things "too unusual or too specialized" for the ordinary police. It had 32 departments originally. However, as part of the massive budget cuts of 1992, the bureaucracy was maintained, but the service was disbanded. Due to a clerical oversight, five departments are still in operation. These are:

Thirteen years later, the other departments were all reintroduced, as a way of lowering the Stupidity Surplus.

From the official SpecOps website, "Who We Are & What We Do":

"The special operations network was instigated in 1928 to handle policing duties considered either too unusual or specialised to be tackled by the regular forces. Over the years we have found our power increased to look after governmental departments, an opportunity to serve that we find fulfilling and challenging. 

"Despite the major cuts that overtook SpecOps in the winter of 1991/1992, we look forward to increasing the efficiency of the Network's legendary bureacracy by disbanding more departments. Soon we will have nothing to do but manage ourselves managing ourselves, and the huge staff at SO-1 will celebrate 100% efficiency by employing more management staff to be able to maintain those high standards.

"There were thirty-two divisions in total, not all of whom were covered by the parliamentary 'freespeech' ordinance 392810-hg25."

Departments Edit

  • SpecOps-1: Special Operations Network Management (Internal Affairs)
  • SpecOps-2: "Weirder stuff"
  • SpecOps-3: Office for Alternate Universe Travel ("Weird Stuff") 
  • SpecOps-4: Search & Containment (possibly under a different name but with a similar job to SO-5)
  • SpecOps-5: Search & Containment
  • SpecOps-6: National Security
  • SpecOps-7
  • SpecOps-8
  • SpecOps-9: Antiterrorism
  • SpecOps-10
  • SpecOps-11
  • SpecOps-12: Office for Special Temporal Stability (The ChronoGuard)
  • SpecOps-13: Genetic Detectives
  • SpecOps-14: Tactical Support Unit
  • SpecOps-15: Drug Enforcement Agency
  • SpecOps-16
  • SpecOps-17: Werewolf and Vampire Disposal Operations
  • SpecOps-18
  • SpecOps-19
  • SpecOps-20
  • SpecOps-21: Transportation Authority
  • SpecOps-22: English Aviation Authority
  • SpecOps-23: Food and Drugs Administration
  • SpecOps-24: Art Crime
  • SpecOps-25: Industrial Safeguards
  • SpecOps-26: Pasta Police
  • SpecOps-27: The Literary Detectives
  • SpecOps-28: Inland Revenue Services
  • SpecOps-29: Shakespeare Division
  • SpecOps-30: Public Services Enforcement Authority ("Neighborly Disputes")
  • SpecOps-31: Cheese Enforcement Agency (CEA)
  • SpecOps-32: Horticultural Enforcement Agency
  • SpecOps-33: Entertainments Facilitation Department
  • SpecOps-34: GlobalWebPolice

Administrative staffEdit